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Corporate and Personal CPA in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

CPA services

Navigating the complexities of accounting, federal taxes and corporate law can be difficult, especially for those who have no official training in these areas. However, this ability is crucial for the financial success of both individuals and businesses.

Partnering with a CPA you can rely on is the best way to make your financial future brighter. When you are looking for your personal or corporate CPA, come to Mark Edler CPA LLC in Dallas, Texas.

Our Services

Our firm offers expert financial services in most personal and corporate accounting areas. This range of services allows us to provide individuals, self-employed entrepreneurs, new businesses and established businesses with the advice they need to make smart investments as they look ahead.

We have all the relevant federal and Texas state licensing necessary to handle legal matters such as tax return preparation and trust establishment. When you turn your finances over to our firm, you can feel peace of mind knowing that every detail will be considered when decisions are made.

Your Financial Future

Mark Edler CPA LLC has served the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 20 years. He has experience with the concerns of clients just like you, whether you're the head of a household, small business or thriving corporation.

Additionally, because Mark Edler owns and operates his own firm, you always know who you're working with. This straightforward structuring allows us to provide you with personalized advice that you can trust.

Our firm prides itself on establishing and strengthening professional client relationships to provide each of our clients with stable partnerships that can serve them well, no matter how their situation and finances may change over time. To schedule an appointment and make Mark Edler your personal CPA, call our Dallas office at 214-923-4306.